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What is the reason for dark lines on my Carpet Along the wall?


 Soil filtration lines are dark soiled areas that develop gradually on carpet. They are most common around the edges of a room next to the wall, under floor length draperies and under doors. But they can develop anywhere there is an air space such as between floorboards or spaces in the sub-flooring. 


The soiling is caused by the passage of air through or across the carpet. Air carries microscopic particles of dirt settle and becomes embedded in the carpet pile yarns. In areas where the air flows over the carpet more rapidly than normal, the carpet acts as a filter, extraction the soil particles from the air. The soil is very fine and can penetrate deeply into the yarns. Special techniques by a professional carpet cleaner are usually required to improve the appearance of soil filtration lines.    

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Why is my carpet changing the colour?



The two major factors contributing towards colour change are Fume Fading and Ozone fading. Fume fading: Occurs due to change in the dye chemicals because of environmental factors such as air pollution, excessive amount of nitrogen oxides and sulphur combined with over exposure to sun, heat, acidic materials in the carpet, and high humidity. The change in colour in such cases is usually gradual and starts at the tufts and progresses towards the backing. Some common examples are turning of blue to pink, brown to red and green to yellow. Ozone fading: usually caused by ozone exposure in the surrounding environment combined with sun exposure and excessive heat. Ozone fading is more common in the urban area where the amount of ozone in the air is increased because of electrical motors, lightning storms and fluorescent lights and the reaction between the polluted air and light. Ozone fading usually results in faded and lightened colour and many times a complete change of colour similar to fume fading.


Before purchasing a carpet, it is important to check the kind of dye material that has been used for colouration. There are instances wherein an indicator dye is used for colouring of carpet which is highly sensitive to alkaline products and may change colour if washed with ammonia or alkaline detergents. This is called the ‘Indicator Effect’ and can be reversed with the usage of acidic products. There are dyes that are sensitive to acid and changes colour if exposed to acidic cleaners and vinegar, in such case ammonia can be used to restore colour. It is important to keep in mind that the ageing process also contributes to the change in colour and it is important to take the help of professional carpet cleaners who are well equipped to handle such situations.

How to Clean Candle Wax Out of The Carpet

When we talk about a beautiful romantic evening, you can not imagine skipping the candles in the room that give you this warm atmosphere and relaxing feeling. But if you did not have the time to put them down, you can wake up in the morning, having wax candles melted all over your carpet. Well, you should not worry that you have ruined the carpet. In a household, especially one with areas of high traffic, for sure you already have experience with dealing with different stains like spills of red wine for example. But what do you do and how to clean candle wax out of carpet?

clean wax out of carpetFirst of all, you should not panic that this is something that you can not fix. With some help under the form of advice from professionals like us you can prevent your carpet from permanent damage, so you just have to follow the steps from the do-it-yourself guide:

The things that you need:

  • A table knife
  • Several ice cubes
  • A plastic bag
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Three or four brown paper bags cut in pieces large enough to cover the spill

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How to Clean Carpet by Hand

If you want  your feet to feel comfortable, then for sure you have carpets covering the flooring. This means that they are prone to get different stains or to be damaged by some kind of activities or certain products. Maintaining good hygiene at home means that you need to take care of your carpet almost daily. Let's give you some tips and tricks how to clean carpet by hand at your home.


how to clean carpet by handWhen it is larger of course it is a bit more difficult to clean it by hand, especially when you are doing it for the first time. You should take care of the carpet daily, but you should also perform regular and deeper carpet cleaning from time to time and it requires different techniques.  You may think that your carpet is clean when you vacuum it every day and its surface really looks clean when you see it, but the reality is different, because on the inside it could be full of dirt, dust and germs, and you can see all this when you start cleaning it more deeper.

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