Why does your carpet need to be cleaned regularly and professionally?

Most American homes have carpets in most rooms which contributes to the comfort of your home, however, no one is pleased when the dirty carpet tks say from the beauty of your home. A dirty carpet is also a prerequisite and major reason for allergies and an incubator for many bacteria and insects. Dust which accumulates deeply in the carpet, stains or microorganisms very often cannot be vacuumed by ordinary home vacuum machines.

One of the basic but most effective methods for professional cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture is the hot water extraction method.

Ryan cleaners' offers professional cleaning and advice to properly clean and extend your carpet life. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced as well as equipped with professional detergents and machines.

What is hidden in your carpet?

Dust - which is a prerequisite for allergies at any age especially dangerous when your children roll around the carpet while playing.

Insect and bacteria

  1. Dust mites -2%
  2. Pillbugs2%
  3. True flies 23%
  4. Spiders 19 %
  5. Carpet beetles 16%
  6. Springtails 4%

And others...

With the hot water extraction method, we can effectively eliminate and destroy their nests!




The hot water extraction carpet cleaning method includes the following steps:


  1. step - pre-inspection -  during the pre-inspection process we determine the carpet fabric, carpet PH, the origins of the spots and how long they have been there. This way we will be able to estimate the best detergent to use to clean your carpet without damaging it.
  2. step -deep brush vacuuming - before we start the carpet steam cleaning process we will hover deeply to pick up any debris from carpet
  3. step - pre-spray any spot and corner treatment- pre-spraying your entire carpet with a special solution to dissolve all dirt and grime deep into the carpet fibres. We pay attention at any corners and door frames.
  4. step - grooming - pre-brush the high traffic areas and allow the cleaning solution to penetrate deep into carpet fabrics
  5. step - carpet steam cleaning - we use a powerful professional machine which Injects pressurized mix water and detergent deeply in your carpet. At the same time, it extracts the dirty mix with grime and dust from the carpet. Repeated couple of time until the carpet is completely clean.
  6. step -Fast drying time - with air mover for faster drying of your carpets.

   -  This is not all – if there is furniture that needs to be moved our technician will do it at no extra cost!

Our top priority is our customer satisfaction we give you not just 100%. But 110% money back guarantee if you are not happy.


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