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Common Queries and Questions

Our customer service is already ready to assist and answer to your questions and queries. However we select the most common questions received from our customers regarding the services we provide. You can find below the following:

  • Information about our services. How we do it and what to expect.
  • What type of items can we clean.
  • Information about our working hours.


Carpet Cleaning FAQ

  • What method do you use for carpet cleaning? +

    The method we use for carpet cleaning is hot water extraction common known as steam cleaning.Ryan cleaners exclusive hot water extraction method removes deepest dirt safety and professionally.Hot water and special formulation are injected deep in carpet fibers ,then powerful suction extract deep down dirt, cleaning solution and moisture.
  • How long will it take to have my carpets cleaned? +

    Setting up our equipment usually takes around 15 min and then it roughly takes 20-40 minutes to have one room size (200-300 sqf) deeply steam cleaned. the time is determined by how dirty the carpet is and how many and what spots it has on it.
  • Are furniture moving from the cleaning room? +

    We are moving the furniture so that your carpet can be professionally cleaned in all places but only move such furniture as can be lifted and moved by our technician.
  • How long will it take my carpet to dry completely? +

    the duration is about 4-5 h but with the help of air mover drying time is half a bit.
  • How many technicians will come? +

    We will send a single certified technician to your place. He will bring all the necessary equipment and detergents to complete the rug cleaning service on site.
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